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22Jan 2018

For those who don’t know, Formula Ford is an entry-level class of single seater, open-wheel formula racing  where various championships held across the world form an important step for many prospective Formula One drivers. It’s hard to believe it was over a decade ago when Kurt Peterson was competitively racing in the Formula Ford so you can imagine the surprise the competition faced […]

15Dec 2017

We are extremely excited to announce that our newest additions are finally here for the world to enjoy! From Monday, 18th December our new flavours will be available exclusively from our online store at Thank you to all our followers and supporters that pitched in to ensure we delivered what the masses were wanting and asking […]

01Nov 2017

It’s been a long time coming, but we can proudly say that time has finally come. After continuous development stages, trialling, designing, demonstrations and most importantly our customers feedback we have 3 new flavours we are truly happy with in the hope that you will be too. The people have spoken and those flavours are […]

18Jul 2017

What makes WaterDrops so amazing? Is it the benefits of no sugar, no preservatives, no carbs and no artificial ingredients? Is it the cost effective aspect of having 90 serves per 45ml bottle. May be it’s the convenience of having something small enought to fit in your pocket, purse or gym bag? With 5 flavours […]

12Jul 2017

It’s been a long time in the works but VitalZing products are officially in Japan! We are extremely excited to see our products highlighted on the shelves with our launch into the first Japan store, Cainz Numazu. To put things into perspective, Cainz Supermarkets are like having all New Zealand’s biggest retail stores packed into […]

19May 2016

Coconut WaterDrops are finally here! Since the release of WaterDrops a little over a year ago the demand to expand the water enhancer category has been huge.Thanks to the loyal support from New Zealanders searching for better alternatives (without burning a hole in their pockets) we came up with these little gems. Coconut WaterDrops. These […]

04Feb 2016

We were really impressed by the recent Fabruary event at Victoria park, in particular the commitment from Fabruary and Diabetes NZ ambassadors who are putting their time and efforts into the cause. VitalZing’s WaterDrops and MilkDrops are ideal for anyone trying to reduce their sugar intake, both products have no added sugar and are a healthier alternative […]

25Jan 2016

Diabetes is a huge problem in New Zealand and around the world, 40 New Zealanders are diagnosed with diabetes every day and 1 in 4 are estimated to have pre-diabetes. There are over 250,000 people in New Zealand suffering from diabetes which to us is a shocking statistic. A primary cause of diabetes is a […]

22Jan 2016

VitalZing MilkDrops have been out in the New Zealand market for a few months now, we are getting some awesome feedback from customers and some really innovative ideas for the range! Heres some great examples of ways to use milk flavor enhancers; MILKDROPS FOR BAKING How do you flavor cream? Essences typically contain up to […]

05Jan 2016
Endurance 38ml dosing cap

We have compiled some more information about one of our new dosing cap drinks – Endurance. This formulation is impressive with some powerful results, the hero ingredient is citric acid which is well known in Japan sports circles. Citric acid is a key player in the tricarboxylic acid (TCA), which is part of a metabolic […]

31Dec 2015

2015 has been a massive year for VitalZing with some notable achievements; WaterDrops have reached almost every supermarket in New Zealand, from Stewart Island to the Far North! MilkDrops were launched in November, this will continue into the New Year with hundreds of tastings planned around New Zealand. Our 38ml range of dosing cap drinks […]

27Nov 2015
38ml dosing caps

VitalZing’s range of 38ml dosing caps are a popular new addition to the range of drinks at Les Mills gyms in Britomart, Takapuna and Auckland City. They tick the box for members who want results and a drink that works without the high sugars, preservatives or unnecessary ingredients. Professional & Olympic athletes continue to purchase […]

25Nov 2015
Milk flavor enhancers - 40 serves

More servings means value for money, VitalZing’s MilkDrops milk flavor enhancers are a competitive 40 serves. When compared against other products they are the clear leader on number of serves! MilkDrops have reinvigorated the milk additives and milk flavor enhancer category with a fresh new design, concept, taste and a competitive cost per serving! Our […]

24Nov 2015
MilKDrops - milk flavor enhancers

Demand for VitalZing’s new range of MilkDrops milk flavor enhancers has been so strong that we have already sold out of our first production run! We make them ourselves at the Kauri Springs facility in Kaiwaka, New Zealand alongside WaterDrops and the water brand “Water For Everyone“. The team in Kaiwaka have beefed up production to […]

20Nov 2015
Waterdrops MilkDrops flavor enhancers

MilkDrops milk flavor enhancers are going into Countdowns around New Zealand with stock now on shelves in some stores already. MilkDrops are ranged in approximately 250 Countdowns, New Worlds and PaknSaves around the country and are positioned with the Milo. Tastings have also kicked off with AJ in the featured image at Countdown Takapuna, watch […]

16Nov 2015
WaterDrops - Natural flavor enhancers for water

VitalZings range of WaterDrops (Natural flavor enhancers for water) have been a massive hit around New Zealand and are now starting to make a mark overseas! They are now available in Shanghai, are currently passing import clearance in Japan and have even made it as far as Montego bay in Jamaica! These awesome pics are […]

11Nov 2015
MilkDrops chocolate milk flavor enhancers

MilkDrops are launching over the next two weeks in New Zealand through Countdown, New World and selected PaknSave supermarkets. The range of natural milk flavor enhancers contain no sugar or preservatives and have a competitive 40 x 200ml servings. MilkDrops will be positioned alongside Milo and Nesquik, reinvigorating the tonics / milk flavor category with […]

10Nov 2015

VitalZing’s Performance, Endurance and Collagen 38ml dosing cap range launched at Les Mills Auckland city this week, kicking off with a sampling giveaway directly to members and staff. Les Mills Auckland city is one of New Zealand’s biggest gyms and described as the hottest club in town since it launched in 1968, the Auckland City […]