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500ml Blast Cap Drinks - Mixed Case

500ml Blast Cap Drinks - Mixed Case
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Mix and match your own 12 x VitalZing drinks, you can pick from any of the following blast cap drinks;

Everyday – Tropical flavour every day multivitamin complex

VitalBoost – Lemon & ginger blend with multivitamins

Electrolytes – Just the base electrolytes without the sugars (Tropical or Pear flavour)

Green Tea – Natural green tea with a dash of stevia and an exotic flavour.

All these drinks are sugar and preservative free.

Instructions: When you reach the checkout simply tell us which blast cap drinks you would like in the “order notes” (12 bottles in total).

Visit our products page for further information about each SKU

Due to freight costs these drinks are only available for shipping within New Zealand.
Please email any enquiries to

Why the dosing cap and how does it work?

The dosing cap for VitalZing’s health & hydration range is 28mm wide, this means it can fit on any standard water bottle currently in the market! Using the dosing caps means we can make a shelf stable product that doesn’t need preservatives, we also have a much wider range of key ingredients we can use. Finally, the formulations are kept fresh!

Here’s how it works;

VitalZing health & hydration 28ml dosing caps

How can we buy them?

This range is available from our online shop in 12 pack ready to drink bottles or in cap packs. The cap packs are simply a 15 pack of caps that you can put onto the convenient re-usable bottle, or any water bottle of your choice.

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