There’s been no doubt surrounding the popularity around WaterDrops and it’s always been our die hard supporters that have continued to point us in the right direction. The engagement and feedback we receive from our followers is something we love to take seriously. We’ve  even gone as far in our latest posts on our facebook page, to pass the decision making over to our followers. We asked the question “which flavours would you like to see next in our range?” The replies were in the hundreds and after we had an anonymous decision for the top 2 flavours (Pineapple and Mango) we had our development team create some magic. They whipped up a small limited batch of each which we then tested on randomly picked people as well as giving 9 people the chance to be the first to taste the new flavours and provide us feedback on which one we should go with. In short, after all of this we will have a new flavour to release to the masses, so, which falvour would you pick?

Thank you to all that took part and playing a monumental part in what we do in the future.