vzman2The VitalZing range of fresh mix drinks and water enhancers (WaterDrops) launched in late 2014. Following a challenging entry into the New Zealand market the brand has streamlined its approach, carving into the drinks space with healthier alternatives to traditional products in our category.

The range is now available around New Zealand and has made steady progress into key export markets such as Australia and China.

With consistent improvement of the range VitalZing remains at the forefront of applying dosing cap technology in New Zealand. VitalZing WaterDrops are also by far the water enhancer market leader!


  1. What is VitalZing?

    VitalZing is derived from the word ‘Vitalizing’, describing the positive effect of VitalZing products. Primarily the brand is a range of functional drinks that use a unique dispenser cap technology allowing a fresh mix of nutrients upon purchase.

  2. Why the caps?

    Premixing drinks is very hard on vitamins, simply put they lose their full benefit and taste. It’s the same comparison as eating food fresh or de-frosted, it’s not the same! Premixed drinks also have limitations in terms of what ingredients can be used. Dispensing caps solve all these problems with a fresh mix and some really innovative, healthy and effective formulations.

  3. Where is it from?

    VitalZing is a New Zealand brand utilizing proprietary capping technology from the USA. Formulations are developed in New Zealand and Japan. The range is distributed in Asia Pacific with licensing opportunities in other regions.

  4. Who developed your formulations?

    Formulations such as Performance have been developed by elite level nutritionists in New Zealand, they are currently being used by our top sports teams. Other SKU’s were developed by world leading nutritional scientists in Japan. We are confident our formulations are the best in the industry, they really WORK.

  5. Where is the water from in VitalZing

    We currently bottle at source in New Zealand using only natural spring water and adding no chemicals during the filtration and filling process. Not only are our formulations good but VitalZing water is also high in silica, soft and balanced. This is another contributing factor to the full bodied taste and superior health benefits of the VitalZing range.

  6. How to purchase?

    VitalZing can be purchased at various retail outlets or online, for purchase inquiries please contact us directly. For retailers or re-salers please contact our sales office by email or phone to speak to a VitalZing representative.

  7. Can I become a VitalZing distributor?

    Yes, we have distribution opportunities in New Zealand and various export markets. Contact us to discuss this in detail with a VitalZing representative. VitalZing is a competitive product with enormous growth potential as we build this category in Asia Pacific. Our policy is to work with established distributors and motivated franchisees.

  8. Can you supply OEM?

    No, the formulations are exclusive to VitalZing and remain with the brand, however we are happy to discuss distribution options with you. We can however assist you with developing your own formula and dispensing cap product through our sister company Blastcaps Asia Limited. For more information please visit the Blastcaps Asia website here.