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VitalZings Vitalboost is the current winner in our dosing cap range, with the colder months on us in New Zealand customers are looking for healthy drinks that have a stronger kick. VitalBoost was developed with immunity in mind, with a nice combination of key active ingredients in it’s dosing cap. Heres what you get in […]

Dosing caps

We are constantly working to improve our range of dosing cap drinks and reminding customers of the advantages over mainstream drinks. We are proud of our Green Tea drink which we feel is one of the healthiest drinks on the New Zealand market. Heres some reasons why; Our green tea is grown in the Shizuoka […]

Vitalzings 38mm range of super sized dosing caps are in the pipeline for an upcoming launch. Having molded this cap ourselves it is proprietary to VitalZing, with the advantage of a larger capacity, meaning powerful drinks packed with results! Endurance and Performance will feature in the 38mm dosing cap range, alongside a new collagen & multivitamin […]

"This product is amazing! My 8 year old daughter has always hated drinking water, its been a constant battle. Just recently her father discovered your lemon lime water drops & 'been drinking bottle after bottle at school, at home, first thing in the morning - its great! Anyway i just wanted to let you know we love water drops!"

Aimee H. - Happy Mum

“VitalZing have given top notch support to our team, and their products are some of the best we have ever used. The green tea tastes like real green tea, and the performance supplement has help our men achieve some personal best results in the gym. I recommend all athletes should give VitalZing products a try”.

Todd Barker - Head Strength and Conditioning Coach | Waikato Rugby Union

"I have been using VitalZing Electrolyte during my Olympic Weightlifting training sessions. It tastes great, doesn't make me feel bloated and encourages me to keep hydrated during training! I have more energy at the end of training and less muscle soreness too. I highly recommend trying this product!"

Sean Nixon - Rugby Player