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Mandarin WaterDrops - Box of 9

Mandarin WaterDrops - Box of 9
Mandarin WaterDrops - Box of 9
Mandarin WaterDrops - Box of 9
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VitalZing water drops water enhancers, made with stevia extract and plant-based flavours, with zero calories, zero carbs, the water enhancers come in 45ml “droplet” bottles, in four flavors. Portable and convenient, the water enhancers add flavor to the recommended daily glasses of water. Increased hydration, necessary for health and fun to use – without added sugar or calories.

VitalZing WaterDrops are water enhancers that contain no sugar, carbs, preservatives or artificial ingredients. We only use natural ingredients! With a long shelf life, 90 servings per bottle, 8 amazing flavours and no refrigeration needed VitalZing WaterDrops are portable, convenient versatile and cost effective. Just add 10 drops to a glass of water ( or adjust to taste ) and instantly you have an incredible guilt free drink to help you increase your water consumption or help transition you away from the sugar and preservative laden drinks that saturate the market.

(When made as recommended)
Servings per pack : 90
Serving size : 200ml (10 drops or 0.5ml per 200ml of water, adjust to taste)

Energy - 2kJ
Protein - 0g
Fat total - 0g
- saturated - 0g
Carbohydrates - 0g
- sugars 0g
Dietery Fibre - 0g
Sodium - 0mg

Water, Natural Acidity Regulator, Natural Mandarin Flavour (Real fruit extracts), Natural Sweetener (Stevia/SteviolGlycosides)

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