• Strawber-ita


    We love fresh, fruity margis so we made our own hydrating version! Our Strawberita is sans alcohol and full of fresh, fruity flavour that’s a little sweet with a touch of sour. So if you’re ready to get sipping, grab a glass and let’s get started!
  • The OG Zinger Mule

    The OG Zinger Mule

    The OG Zinger Mule If you love slow summer sundays, then this one’s for you! Another take on a classic bevy with a healthy and delicious spin, meet our Zinger Mule which combines a delicious blend of ginger, lime and...

  • No-Groni


    No-groni (makes 1 serving) Meet our healthy take on the classic Negroni our Vital Zing ‘No-groni’ that’s non-alcoholicand downright delicious! You’ll need 1 cup of soda water Mandarin Water Drops Ice Orange peel & slices Thyme for garnish Let’s make...

  • Spritzy Sour

    Spritzy Sour

    Spritzy Sour (makes 2 servings)  Say hello to our Spritzy Sour—a zesty tipple that will tingle your tastebuds with every sip.  You’ll need 5 cups of chilled Soda Water Lemonade Soda Drops Green Apple Water Drops 1 Granny Smith Apple...

  • Lime-oncello


    Lime-oncello (makes 1 serving) Craving something refreshing? Introducing Lime-oncello, the zesty sip that's a burst of citrusy goodness in every drop! Perfect for those long summer nights. You’ll need 1 cup of soda water Lemonade Soda Drops Lemon Lime Water...