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Vital Zing was born out of a frustration with sugar, preservative, artificial colour and additive laden products. When researching what is going into many mainstream products we were shocked, just a quick google reveals some disturbing ingredients in many big brand drinks.

With this in mind we set out to make a range of drinks that are results based, without damaging & unnecessary ingredients. This path led us to ‘dosing caps’; an ingenious way to separate ingredients before mixing in liquid, meaning NO PRESERVATIVES and a FRESH MIX of vitamins. With the innnovation of dosing cap technology we then set about developing formulations and the infrastructure required to produce our “Blast Cap” range of drinks.

Another innovation we were instantly intrigued by were “water enhancers”. We really loved this concept however once again we struggled to find a range that used natural ingredients and no nasty preservatives, sugars or colours. So we decided to make something better! In late 2014 we developed the Vital Zing “Waterdrops” range of water enhancers using natural ingredients, crisp fruit flavours and no colouring. A natural product with no sugar, preservatives, carbs, colours or artificial ingredients. It's also the most cost effective way to flavour water on the market. In 2016 off the success of WaterDrops we also developed MilkDrops adding flavour to milks (soy, coconut, almond, dairy etc), natural yoghurts, custards, icings and creams while also remaining natural product without sugar, preservatives, carbs or artificial ingredients. 

Since launching in 2014 VitalZing dosing cap and water enhancer products can now be found nationwide in New Zealand. They are also available in China, Australia and Japan to name a few export markets. We are working hard to continuously develop products that fall within our core philosophy: Results based without the bad stuff!

From the Vital Zing team we'd like to say thank you to all of our amazing customers who continue to support us and provide the feedback we need to continue progressing in the right direction.


About the company

VitalZing is a New Zealand company working with leaders in the sports and nutritional field to develop effective and healthy formulations that really work.  The VitalZing head office and production facility is located in Auckland (NZ) which has distribution / sourcing infrastructure throughout Asia Pacific and the USA. VitalZing is owned and operated by Aquity.

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